Choose Ultimate Google Profile Card in order to display your professional information for the entire world to see. By downloading the Ultimate Google Profile Card extension, you can provide important information about your business, while also linking and displaying your Google Plus Profile directly onto your website.

How Does Ultimate Google Profile Card Work?

Ultimate Google Profile Card allows business professionals to display their business expertise while also attracting more Google Plus Connections. This free and easy to install download supports both Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 2.5. Capitalize on all of the benefits that social media has to offer by using Ultimate Google Profile Card to display your personal business info directly onto your website, while also easily linking your existing Google Plus profile directly onto your webpages.

Ultimate Google Profile Card provides a Google Profile Card that once installed on your website will display the following:
- Your picture;
- Your name and city;
- Your professional roles and expertise;
- A “Google Plus Connection” button that allows website visitors to add you to their Google Plus Circle without ever having to leave your website; AND
- A summarization of the most relevant details of your Google Plus Profile activities.

Every time a website visitor clicks on your Google Plus Profile Card display, they will increase the size of your Google Plus circle. Every new connection you make creates activity that Google tracks, which will allow for your Google Plus profile to quickly increase in the search engine rankings. Furthermore, Google Plus Profile Card automatically updates your website with the new activity that has occurred on your Google Plus Profile, so that you don’t have to update your activity more than once.

The Google Plus activities that the Google Plus Profile Card extension displays on your website can positively impact your website’s web rankings, web authority and overall visibility. This is because Google’s algorithms provide higher rankings for those sites that display multiple types of activity besides just webcopy, advertisements and blog posts. By downloading and installing Google Plus Profile Card you can rely on the extension to update your website with your relevant Google Plus activity, instead of you personally having to update both your website and Google Plus Profile. Use Google Plus Profile Card to display updates about relevant Google Plus activities such as uploaded posts and photos and live webinar streams

In addition to streamlining website and Google Plus profile activities, Google Plus Profile Card can also be used for branding purposes. Use Google Plus Profile Card to add new members to your Google Plus Connections and Google Plus Circle by providing an immediate connection between your social medial presence, profiles and business or company website.




The Ultimate Google Profile Card is very simle to setup.

Enter the Google Plus Profile ID to choose which Google Profile you want to display the card for.

Use the Width setting to choose how wide the card appears in pixels.