The great thing about Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed is that this Twitter module allows you to easily display any Twitter feed update based upon the specific search engine query that you choose.


Downloading Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed allows you to integrate your Twitter feed directly onto your website, by embedding an easy to use Twitter timeline and display directly onto any web page. Twitter is a crucial social media tool, and by downloading Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed your Twitter account be directly displayed onto your website. This way you can integrate website visitors into your Twitter community, by displaying relevant Tweets and other Twitter activity directly onto your joomla website.

The Benefits of an Embedded Twitter Timeline

Downloading Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed allows you embed multiple tweets directly to your website. Once Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed is downloaded, embedded multiple tweets can be displayed in a singular, compact column display view. With Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed you can choose to display multiple tweets from one Twitter account, and also from more than one Twitter account. Furthermore, you can display the conversations happening worldwide on Twitter, which can be grouped and displayed based on a particular topic. Such Twitter collections can be displayed as a responsive grid template or list.

Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed provides an embedded Twitter timeline with two distinct features. The first feature of the Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed is a direct link to a Twitter timeline display that is placed directly onto your webpage. The second feature of the Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed is a JavaScript Twitter widget, which is used to enhance the Twitter link so that a fully-rendered Twitter timeline is clearly displayed.

Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed Product Specifications

Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed is a joomla Twitter extension that comes with a wide assortment of customizable features. The height and width of your Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed can be easily changed and customized. With Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed you can poll for new results, and easily display the number of tweets for multiple Twitter accounts.

Use Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed to change and customize the following embedded Twitter timeline features:

  • Customizable Twitter dimensions, heights and widths
  • Easy to Display Twitter Query Search
  • Customizable Twitter Shell Text and Background
  • Customizable Twitter Tweet Background Color and Link Colors
  • Twitter Polls Displays
  • Number of Twitter Tweet Hashtags Displays
  • Top Twitter Tweet Behavior Displays


First Download the extension:


Then install the module : Follow link below if require :)

Installing an extension

Then go to Module Manager (Extensions>>Module Manager)

Click New

a popup will open like below

Click on that : Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed

Title : Can be anything you wish

Show Title : Hide

Position : Choose from your template module positions

Basic Options

Settings For Individual Profile

User name : Your Twitter User Name

Twitter Widget Id : 

go to

then click create new and put your username then click Create Widget will get an ID like 346792666668871680 this - copy it and put on the widget id field

Dimensions : Set your Module Width and Height - Put the values on Pixel - ("auto" property won't work)

Appearance : Some CSS modification you can do from here


Border : Yes or No

Scrollbar : Yes or No

Advanced Options

Put your Module Class Suffix on this field